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Certified Career Analyst (CCA) Program is the most advanced and optimal mix of Conceptual Knowledge, Practical Knowlege, and Applied Counselling, indispensable in today’s age of Career Counselling

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Demand for becoming a Career Counsellor

India is in dire need of career counsellors. We need 1.5 million career counsellors for 350 million youth population. i.e for every 250 students we need 1 career counsellor. Many people prefer to become a career counsellor and opt for Career counselling as a career.

Secret REVEALED behind accurate career analysis for career counsellors

Learn core methodology and analysis behind the career assessment to find a most suitable career path for the candidate. This video is prepared for career counsellors who want to learn new concepts, career analysis and techniques of career counselling.

Career Counsellor should AVOID these 5 mistakes

Let's check out what are those 5 mistakes that every career counsellor should avoid to become a successful career counsellor. Lets Follow .

Psychometric theories used in career counselling

This video explains about various type of pychometric theories used in career counselling. Career counsellors should know about basic principals of these theories.

How career counsellor should provide first career counselling?

Career counselling is a systematic process. Learning this process will help to excel in career counselling venture. Let's learn this process.

Career Counsellor certification Program

Get Professionally Trained in Career Analysis, Applied Career Counselling using most Advanced Scientific tool and Become Certified Career Analyst. It provides accurate and most reliable ways to analyze and deliver career counseling effectively.More than 1600+ career counsellors are trained and certified.