4 Steps to Become Career Counsellor

(India in Dire Need of 1.4 Mn Career Counsellors)

  • . Learn 18+
    essential Counselling Skills
  • . Get Dual
    Accrediation & Certification
  • . Dedicated
    Career Counsellor Platform Setup
  • . Start Practice
    with Support and Handholdings

4 Steps to Become Career Counsellor

(India in Dire Need of 1.4 Mn Career Counsellors)

  • . Learn 18+
    essential Counselling Skills
  • . Get Dual
    Accrediation & Certification
  • . Dedicated
    Career Counsellor Platform Setup
  • . Start Practice
    with Support and Handholdings

Make a Social Impact as A Career Counsellor

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  • How to become the Top 1% career counselor?
  • You are passionate about career counseling but don't know how to start?
  • Do you want to learn latest career counselling techniques?
  • How to be better than others who are already in the field?
  • How to deliver your first counselling?
  • How to grow by 10X in career counselling field

If Answer is "Yes" then this program is for you?

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Career Counsellor Certificate

Certified Career Analyst Program is dual accrediated career counsellor certificate program has been designed to learn applied career counselling skills using most advanced scientific tool & analysis. It provides accurate and most reliable ways to analyse and deliver career counselling effectively. It is structured to transform a passionate individual to a successful career counsellor.

This program covers psychometric analysis, advanced methodologies, and various career options for individuals from 5th grade to working professionals. This empowers counsellors to precisely assess individual aptitudes, interests, and strengths and deliver personalized career guidance.

Moreover, the program incorporates the latest research and industry trends, ensuring that counselors stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving job market and emerging career opportunities.

Career Counsellor Certificate


Professional become a top-notch Career Counselor

How did this professional become a top-notch career counselor?

Garima Mathur, a certified career analyst and exceptional career counselor from Jaipur, renowned for achieving a 100% satisfaction ratio among counseled candidates.

Teacher become a top-notch Career Counselor

How did this teacher become a top-notch career counselor?

Srinivas Yepuri, initially a teacher, pursued his passion for career counseling. As a certified career analyst, he has guided thousands of students in making informed career decisions.

Certified Career Counselor

How this career counselor achieved 5X growth in his counseling practice?

Mr. Shameer CK, renowned "Career Counsellor of the Year 2022," a certified career analyst who has guided over 4500 students in the last 13 years.

10,000+ Learners Across Globe

"I believe this organization is one of the best place to join hands with. The people out here are always ready to help. They are very proactive in their inputs. Also they are very flexible and understanding when it comes to business dealings. Their commitment and professionalism is fantastic and their helping attitude towards their associates are of very high standard. I am so much happy being associated with them. Thank you Radha Ma'am for your amazing training sessions and developing our all dimensions☺️. Thanks Vipin sir for enhancing my marketing skills, thanks Azeem, Sneha , Sheeju and Ankit for all your support and help.. Glad to be a part of this organization. Edumilestone rocks 👏🏻👏🏻"

Sadhna Tyagi

a week ago

"I joined CCA programme and came to know about it, through Instagram. I must share my experience that I was in search of some opportunity professionally since I had taken a break from my teachers training profession. So after five years again ,I was thinking to do something great. After joining Edumilestone,I felt so relieved because here the courses are designed so well that a person is supported fully by the team . Mrs Radha took our theory classes and I was amazed at her knowledge in depth. She guides so well that we go ahead in our journey to learn. Mr Vipin himself gave us lesson on marketing and Ms Sheezu from technical support team is just very prompt.

Dr.Sukhjeet Kaur Mahal

a month ago

Most Successful Career Counsellors are Trained and Powered by Us

Certified career analyst is the highest-rated career counsellor certification program in India. More than 4200+ passionate individuals from different domains are fully trained, certified and empanelled globally to become a successful career counsellor.

Successfull Career Counsellors

Career Counsellor Scholarship Test - 2023

Career counsellor scholarship test helps existing career counsellor to check their knowledge and get scholarship for CCA-E program. Career counsellor scholarship is available only for existing career counsellors. Get scholarship of additional assessment access codes or discounted price On CCA-E official program. Show your score to us and avail it today.

CCA Scholarship Test

  • Duration : 30 Min
  • Questions : 30
  • Modules : 3
  • Pass - 75%

Our Accreditations

Edumilestones recognized by APCDA Edumilestones recognized by IIAP Edumilestones recognized by Samudra Foundation Edumilestones recognized by CCIS Edumilestones recognized by Psyuni

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCA-Edupreneur Program?

The CCA-Edupreneur program is a comprehensive solution tailored for individuals or professionals aspiring to launch their own successful career counseling business. Meticulously crafted based on a decade of experience, this all-inclusive program ensures your journey to becoming a thriving career counselor. Encompassing CCA training, a cutting-edge technology platform for career counseling, and access to 30+ psychometric assessments spanning from 5th grade to working professionals, this program equips you with the essential tools to excel in your practice. Additionally, you'll benefit from a dedicated appointment booking portal and access to projects, further bolstering your success as a career counselor.

How is the CCA training delivered?

The career counselor training is a live and interactive program led by Radha Padmanabhan, the Lead Trainer. The comprehensive course spans 3 weeks, consisting of one week of intensive live training on various career counseling methodologies and case studies with active participation from learners. Following the live training, participants will be engaged in mentor-led one-on-one assignments, case studies, practice tests, and access to study materials. This holistic approach ensures a practical and well-rounded learning experience for aspiring career counselors. After the training, the program offers a unique feature of Post Training 5 Real Cases Handholdings. This personalized support includes one-on-one guidance and assistance to kick-start the career counseling journey. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios under the mentor's guidance. This practical experience will enhance their confidence and effectiveness as career counselors, preparing them to make a positive impact on their clients' lives.

Is this program suitable for individuals who do not have a background in psychology?

Yes definitely, the curriculum of CCA program is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of career counselling from basic to advanced. Highly qualified professionals from different backgrounds established practitioners both can join this program. Anybody can become a career counsellor, but only a few become successful in it. Better to check your suitability for this profession before opting for it. Suitability link is ccasuitability.edumilestones.com

What is the process to get CCA Career Counselling Certification?

Post completion of the program every participant needs to appear in the online examination. Every participant needs to secure a minimum 70% marks in the exam to get certified career analyst certification for career counsellors.

After this program can I start my own career counselling practice

Yes definitely. To start your own practice, you need comprehensive training, your own career assessment platform, Business Support, Guidance, Initial handholdings and dedicated support. All are inclusive.

How CCA Provides Best Career Counsellor Certification in India?

CCA is an abbreviation of Certified Career Analyst. It is the highest-rated career counsellor certification program in India on Google (refer Google Reviews). Certified Career Analyst Program has been designed to learn applied career counseling using most advanced scientific tool & analysis. It provides accurate and most reliable ways to analyze and deliver career counseling effectively. More than 1600+ successful career counsellors are trained and doing there practice efficiently across India. Edumilestones is an organizational member of APCDA (Asia Pacific Career Development Association) and IAAP (International Association of Applied Psychology). More than 50 Leading counsellors across the globe have contributed their time and efforts to design the curriculum of CCA. Since 2008 it is considered as an industry benchmark.

What kind of support do you provide after the training?

After the training, we offer comprehensive support on operational, technical, and counseling aspects, along with marketing assistance. You will have a dedicated support team, as well as 24x7 technical support at your disposal. For your first five cases, we provide personalized handholding and supervision until you feel entirely confident with the counseling process. Moreover, we extend marketing support to help you generate individual and institutional business. You will receive marketing materials, client FAQs, promotional content, and various types of pitches post-training. As a career counselor, you can continuously upgrade your knowledge using our up-to-date learning management system. Our dedicated support system ensures you stay at the forefront of knowledge, enabling you to become a successful career counselor.

Does this program offer value for money?

Certainly! This program offers unmatched value for money. As the highest-rated program, we provide comprehensive career counseling skills training, dual certification, and global accreditation. Additionally, you'll gain access to a state-of-the-art advanced technology platform branded under your name, handholdings and dedicated support to ensure your success. The market value for the deliverables provided by Edumilestones could easily exceed 5 lakhs, excluding maintenance costs. However, we charge only a one-time setup cost, with no annual, renewal, or maintenance fees. To further enhance your return on investment (ROI), we offer 10 complimentary access codes. These codes will help you kick-start your practice and significantly cover the upfront investment. With our comprehensive package and cost-effective approach, this program proves to be an excellent investment in your career counseling journey.

What is my earning potential once I complete the course?

If you can handle more business, then the sky is the limit. We do not put a cap on ROI, our counselors are free to charge to their clients based on demographics. Take a look at how much our counselors charge for counseling students and working professionals per hour. Quick maths, With minimum and simple efforts, counselors will be able to attend to 3 clients for career counseling per week. 12 clients per month x 12 months = approx 144 clients per year. With an average fee of Rs. 3000, earning potential is Rs. 4,32,000 per annum

How to choose career counselling course & certification in India?

Looking for best online career counselling certification course in India? See why CCA program is considered the highest rated career counselling certification program in India since 2008?

About Certified Career Analyst

Certified career analyst is a highest rated career counselling certification program by edumilestones to become career counsellor. Most of the highest paid and successfull career counsellors in India are trained and empowered by edumilestones. We have transformed many passionate individuals to a Successful career counsellors. we have trained and certified 1800+ Career counsellors in India and Abroad

Career counsellor certification

Career counsellor certification program is an online/live training program for passionate individuals who want to become a career counsellor.  An individual with a certification has more credibility, competency and reach in the market. With the demand of career counsellor increasing, the certified career analyst certification program provided by edumilestones can help you set up and scale your career counselling practice.

Counsellors who get certified career analyst career counsellor certification are considered the best career counsellors in India. After getting certified individuals can start their own career counselling practice in 3 weeks.

Career counselling course

With more number of students choosing the wrong career, and professionals getting stressed about their jobs, the need and demand of career counselling are at an all-time high. Many individuals are taking up a career counselling course to guide students and professionals in the right direction. Edumilestones, certified career analyst ( CCA)  course is considered to be the industry benchmark. Edumilestones have trained more than 2400+ career counsellors all across India.

If you want to become a career counsellor and help students and professionals in the right direction, then the career counselling course will help you at every step of the way.

Career coach certification program

If you are planning to become a certified career coach, then you’re at the right place. Certified career analyst program helps you gain the relevant information and several opportunities to start your own career counselling practice. Edumilestones CCA program is for every aspiring person dreaming to take off as a career coach. Edumilestones extensive training module and cutting edge technology help you get equipped with the right skills needed in the market. After the completion of the career counsellor certification program, you will be certified as a career coach.

How to become career counsellor?

To become a career counsellor is not easy.  We have listed down 5 simple steps for those who wants to  become a career counsellor

1. Join certified career analyst program

2. Get CCA certification

3. Get handholding

4. Start your practice

5. Update your knowledge